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Hi! My name is Hank!

My name is Hank! I am 8 years old and I love the outdoors! My favorite things to do are go hunting, go fishing and just get outside and explore! Luckily my dad and grandpa are hunters so I am able to ask questions and learn from them!

My Story

When I was super little, I was introduced to the outdoors by my parents! My dad hunted a lot! He would go on trip all across the world hunting for deer, pheasants, duck and geese! I couldn't wait til I was old enough to go with him! My grandpa was a big hunter too! He was a world champion archer so I had big shoes to fill! I got my first bow at 5 years old and since then I have shot tons of things including trees, foam deer, pop cans, an old tire and one time I shot at a piece of ice in the pond and barely missed it!

When I get older I want to be just like my dad and go on hunting trips all across the world!

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